-1 - Bear Grylls Action Camera
  • -1 - Bear Grylls Action Camera
  • -1 - Bear Grylls Action Camera
  • -1 - Bear Grylls Action Camera

Bear Grylls Action Camera (Annonce-ID: 58530948)

When you’re having the time of your life, living your adventures–you’ll definitely want to capture it on camera to relive and share it with friends and family. The Bear Grylls HD Action Camera moves with you for crystal clear, professional quality footage.  Whether you are filming a rapid descent down the mountain or capturing a stunning panorama, you can shoot 1080p@60fps videos and vivid 14MP still photos, photo bursts and time lapse mode. The menu is super easy to navigate too using the 2” built-in touch screen display or the Bear Grylls Action Camera app for iOS or Android.The action camera is certified IP6 Dustproof and IP8 Waterproof, making it super durable and ready to deliver in any weather or environment.No limits.Best of all the camera comes with an extensive accessories kit that gives you everythingyou need to get your next adventure started. Bring on the action and capture those memories.Kit Contents:Water Resistant Carry Case Waterproof CaseSkeleton CaseTripod HandleQuick Release MountTripod MountFlat/Curved Adhesive Mount 2 Lock BoltsKnuckleLock Bolt Tool Nylon USB Cable Manual

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