Astro - Astro - A40 TR PC Gamingheadset Black Demo
  • Astro - Astro - A40 TR PC Gamingheadset Black Demo

Astro - A40 TR PC Gamingheadset Black Demo (Annonce-ID: 56719765)

The new ASTRO A40 TR headset provides extended functionality for the user to adapt to any environment. A40 TR headset comes as an open-back headset with excellent sound quality, long-lasting comfort, a precision microphone and removable speaker tags. At the loudest professional tournaments, you can convert A40 TR to closed-back noise canceling headphones with new components as speaker tags, microphone and ear pads, sold separately in the ASTRO Mod Kit. All TR products is the official equipment of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and used by top ranked Call of Duty Pro team Optic Gaming and Team Envyus. Technical, Specifications Frequency Response: 20-24,000 HzDistortion: THD < 0.1%Microphone: 6.0mm unidirectional with noise gateNominal Impedance: 48 OhmsHeadband Pressure: 2.6NEar Coupling: Over-EarWeight w/o Cable: 360 gramsConnection: 3.5mm 4pole Jack

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