Bigben - Pro Fishing Simulator
  • Bigben - Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator (Annonce-ID: 58669701)

Pro Fishing Simulator is an authentic fishing sport simulation which lets everyone enjoy this leisure activity which has won over more than a million and a half French citizens*. Whether they are experienced fishermen or novices, players can visit the most beautiful fishing environments in the world and challenge themselves with numerous species of fish featuring realistic behaviour. Prestigious brands such as Strike King, Lew's and Vision will be represented in the game, which offers over 100 pieces of official equipment. Principal characteristics 9 fishing areas, based on real locations across the world - from Seychelles to the Black Forest, and even Colorado.A complete game with 79 species of fish (trout, perch, barracuda, etc.) and 6 fishing techniques (fly fishing, line fishing, boat fishing, etc.) to master.Hundreds of pieces of equipment from official brands.Tutorials adapted to every level, a wiki to learn even more about the fish, and more than 100 challenges to overcome.Weekly and seasonal challenges with global rankings.

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