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  • SEGA - Sonic Rivals
  • SEGA - Sonic Rivals
  • SEGA - Sonic Rivals
  • SEGA - Sonic Rivals
  • SEGA - Sonic Rivals

Sonic Rivals (Annonce-ID: 53954669)

What starts as a friendly competition between Sonic and Knuckles quickly gets intense as other rivals jump into the action! Utilize boost moves and power-ups as Sonic's rivals try to trip, shove, and vault over Sonic while hurtling towards the finish line at breakneck speed!Negotiate wildly twisting 3D tracks, avoid hazardous traps and hazards, and watch out for the insidious Dr. Eggman and his myriad of contraptions! Whether playing alone or against a friend, it's always a two-player experience based on tightly designed gameplay mechanics to support high-spirited competition and ultra-tight races! WiFi connectivity allowing you to wager trading cards for various multiplayer challenges!

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