Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)
  • Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)
  • Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)
  • Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)
  • Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)
  • Sony - Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo)

Sony Playstation VR Headset (PS VR) (Demo) (Annonce-ID: 53962723)

We will be fulfilling customer orders in the order in which they were placed.From the moment you enter the world of PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, you'll experience games in an amazing new way. You'll be at the center of the action, experiencing every detail of extraordinary new worlds - and you'll feel like you're inside the game.PlayStation has always delivered experiences beyond imagination, spanning from 3D gaming to augmented reality. This heritage leaps forward with PS VR. Now, you can climb beyond the screen and step into the game.Gamers have played games that have made you lose track of time, but what about games that make you forget where you are? That's what PS VR will do, immersing you in the game with an unparalleled sense of presence.PS VR will let you play in places and ways you never thought possible thanks to the advanced, custom OLED screen that displays images at 120Hz, 360-degree vision and true 3D audio that makes you pinpoint the sounds around you, so you can lose yourself in games built for PS VR, including VR Worlds and RIGS Mechanized Combat League.PS VR has been designed to be as light and as comfortable as possible. PS VR is effortless to slip on and off - its minimal weight is supported by an adjustable headband that'll fit anyone.Others can enjoy a game with or against you with the PlayStation VR Social Screen. You can project what you see in your headset onto a TV screen so others can jump into the action. You can let others join in, as you're in your own world.You can just plug in and play. PS VR is powered by a PlayStation 4 console, so you can simply connect the two and experience a new world in mere seconds.Please be aware: you'll need a PS4 console and a PlayStation Camera to enjoy PS VR. PS4, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and the PlayStation Camera are all sold separately.

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