Suzuki - Suzuki - Harpmaster MR-200 - Mundharpe (C)
  • Suzuki - Suzuki - Harpmaster MR-200 - Mundharpe (C)
  • Suzuki - Suzuki - Harpmaster MR-200 - Mundharpe (C)

Suzuki - Harpmaster MR-200 - Mundharpe (C) (Annonce-ID: 58655587)

The Suzuki MR-200 Harpmaster harmonika is very easy to play 10 hole diatonic harp, and a perfect harp also for beginners.With its free blowing design and solid ABS combs with distinct note holes. Bendable laser tuned brass reeds produce clear and rich, mellow tones you normally would expect from much more expensive harmonicas. The classically shaped reed covers, built from durable polished stainless steel, offer the look and feel of a traditional harmonica. This Harpmaster harmonica will give you years of proven performance. The harmonica is delivered in a hard shell carrying case. Dale King says:"The instruments I really enjoy playing are the Harp master and Bluesmaster because they respond immediately and the sound is warm and full. Considering the low price, they are the best on the market at the present time!" David Herzhaft says:"I play with HA-20 and MR-350 a lot. Both are very solid built. Though I play my harmonicas several hours a day at home, in the studio and on stage I usually keep the same harmonica for month. I also like to use the new MR-200 Harpmaster, which I feel is a lot "Punchier" than other plastic comb harmonicas; ideal for Blues, Country Music and acoustic sessions."Specifications: Model: MR-200Available key: Major 12 keysCover Plates: Stainless SteelCombe: ABSReeds: Phosphor BronzeSize: 101 x 26 x 20 (mm) Weight: 63g

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